The Relevance of Young Adult Literature

Young adult novels are far more than entertainment. Young adult fantasy author Jessica Cluess recently explained that this sector of literature can actually be life-changing for young people. The ASCD, a community of life-changing educators across more than 200 countries, agrees with the information Cluess provided.

“Kids find characters in young adult literature to which they can relate,” Cluess said. “This helps them through the undeniably challenging years of being a young adult.”

Cluess recently outlined why young adult literature remains relevant today and will for decades.

Conquering Tough Subjects

There are countless subjects teens don’t feel comfortable discussing with educators, parents, or even friends. The presence of common teen physical, developmental, social, and emotional challenges in books remind kids they are not alone. Reading even helps increase a child or teen’s capacity to handle these issues.

It Sparks Interest In Reading

The plots, characters, and language in young adult novels are consistent with experiences teens encounter every day. This keeps them interested in reading and can serve as a bridge to reading other genres like classics.

She explained that young adult literature is in its prime. The genre is increasingly complex and powerful. They help kids develop advanced writing, listening, speaking, and reading skills that can help them in other areas of academics and life.

Develop Morality and Ethics

The tough-to-talk-about topics in many young adult novels help kids develop morality and empathy that is difficult to teach any other way. Reading stories that involve difficult subjects and talking about those issues as a class can open kids up to how they should react if they find themselves in similar circumstances.

Experts also state that young adult novels introduce young people to different cultures and lifestyles. They gain a broader less-sheltered view of life, which can increase their understanding of themselves and others. Young adult novels can lead to intelligent discussions about diversity, responsibility, poverty, and other significant societal issues.

Teaching History Through Entertainment

Young adult novels can teach kids historical lessons without solely providing dry facts in a textbook. Historical fiction transports kids to previous eras, sometimes hundreds of years in the past, where they can better grasp events and society during that time. Experts understand that young adult literature can teach countless lessons academically and in life.

Young Adult Fantasy Author Jessica Cluess

Cluess is an esteemed young adult fantasy author with a passion for sparking a love for reading among young people. She published four young adult fantasy novels with Random House Children’s books.

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