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Strategies of Finding Good Product Research


There are basically different strategies of product research to actually ensure that you find winning product so that the actual tool that we like to use when we are doing this is called zonbase.com.

It is the best deal by far like it’s literally like a third of price or even less than some of the other competitors out there. Inside of the zonbase, you see that there is a bunch of different tools, there’s product research, salesestimators’trackers, a keyword research, listing optimization, PPC on autopilot.

Zon research is one of the most powerful product research tools. Zonbase is brand new software to the market and it has most accurate data when it comes to the product research and their revenue and their sells and the consistency of the selling because consistency in numbers is what we base our products on. if the numbers are good and it shows consistent revenue and we are able to compete in that niche then the product we go for.

Strategies of product research

Product and keyword
There are the two categories within this software:

Product spits out specific products for you to sell based on your criteria andkeyword spits out product within keyword ranges based on the criteria you put in.

In the product

Fill out the best filters

  1. You can’t make as much profit on amazon on anything less than 13 dollars because amazon takes their well deserved fees for doing most of the hardwork.
  2. Set the cap at about thirty thousand dollars per month as the maximum for monthly revenue.

So, once we set all these categories filter, filter on price, onreviews, on revenues

Look at the keywords

The actual reason for overall look at the keyword is sometimes when you find product on any product research software you will see an outlier. One product out of 100 that has really great metrics, low review and high sales ,all the things you want to see but then if you actually look at the overall keyword ,all the product landscape in niche you will see that all the other stuff has a lot of competition.

 Steps of product research

  1. Revenue

If half the products and more have more than 7,000 a month .seven to thirty thousand is the sweet range that we both like.

  1. Review

We want to make sure that half of he products or ten out of 20 products have less than a hundred reviews .If a product has a bazillion reviews ,it’s very developed to compete with that as a new seller .

  1. No trademarks or patent

There is no trademark or patent because you can run into trouble on Amazon. if you accidentally sell a product that’s trademarked by another seller

  1. Keyword

The keyword or search volume is over 3,000  searches a month because you don’t want to sell a product that no one searches for exact .you make sure that you are selling product that a lot of people are actually searching for.